High Profile Event Conference Calls
In planning your next Event Conference Call, consider Bow Communications. Bow Communications has experienced personnel who will help plan, execute and do the necessary follow-ups to make your Event Conference Call a success! Bow Communications can cater to all your conference call needs.
For a truly effective Event Conference Call, careful planning, coordination, and follow-up are needed in order to get the results you expect. Bow Communications has the experience and expertise that will allow you to have a truly effective Event Conference Call. Bow Com will assign you an event coordinator who will promote, plan and coordinate all the details of your Event Conference Call. This event coordinator will be the "go-to" person for all your Event Conference Call questions, including last minute changes, etc. Bow Com will create attendee list, send invitations out, and offer telemarketing support in getting the word out. Bow Com will also assign a dedicated operator during your Event Conference Call. The dedicated operator stays on for the full duration of the call. You will have a private communication directly with the operator.
Bow Communications has the expertise and experience that will allow you to have a successful and effective Event Conference Call.
Investor Relations
Many successful companies are now taking advantage of conference calls when conducting important meetings such as Quarterly Earning Reports, Monthly Meetings, Presentations, Conferences, etc. Using conference calls is very economical and saves all stakeholders' time. It allows everyone to participate with the use of a phone or computer, regardless of their physical locations.
In an Event Conference Call, all participants or stakeholders are involved in a meaningful conversation and communication that pertain to their business. They ask and answer each other's questions. All participants and stakeholders are able to communicate with each other as if they are in the same conference room. An Event Conference Call can be recorded and archived for other stakeholders to listen to.
Setting up an Event Conference Call includes careful planning, coordination, and follow-ups to be successful and meaningful. Bow Communications has the expertise and experience to help you set up a successful and meaningful Event Conference Call.
Earnings Conference Call Services
Today, one of the most efficient ways for companies to relay earnings information is via an earnings conference call. Most companies hold four so-called "earnings conference calls" a year. Investors call in to a special number and get to hear management's take on earnings that quarter. Analysts also participate, looking for signals of future performance.
A typical earnings conference call has a facilitator, a sort of emcee who keeps the ball rolling. It's a good bet the Chairman will be participating along with the CEO, CFO, and other executives. These are important events. An earnings conference call can affect perceptions about a stock's prospects very easily. There's plenty of spin—and usually a Q&A period where investors, as well as analysts get to pose questions.
The typical earnings conference call lasts about an hour. Calls are usually recorded and kept so that people unable to make the scheduled call can call in at their leisure and listen to a replay.
Like any event conference call, an earnings conference call requires planning, organization, professional facilitation and follow-up. If you're considering a conference call for your next quarterly report, make sure you research the following:
  • Cost. Most teleconferencing companies today are willing to offer so-called "wholesale" rates for large volume users. Ask about rates. They vary and not always in proportion to quality of service.
  • Support. A good company will provide a dedicated event coordinator for your earnings call. Dealing with a single source can make a big difference.
  • Technical expertise. Make sure you have a dedicated event operator on your earnings call for the full duration of the call in case problems arise. Make sure you have a direct, private line to the operator; you don't need what you're saying to go out over the entire call.
Given the critical role that earning conference calls play on Wall Street, every facet needs to be executed flawlessly. Little details—should you have music for waiting participants or not—can affect the entire mood of the event for people calling in. You may want a recorded announcement to play periodically. And you'll want a conference specialist who will professionally introduce the meeting, provide concise instructions for participants and then disappear until needed again.
For all your High Event Profile conference calls such as earnings conference call, Investor Relations call, marketing seminar or web event, Bow Communications has the experience and expertise that will allow you to have a successful and productive conference call.
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