Toll Free Flat Rate Voice Mail
The 800 Number Voice Mail automated voicemail system also adds to the image of a substantial business by answering every call professionally and consistently, regardless of the time of day.
Easy and Cheap to Use
All participants dial-in to the assigned bridge number and are connected together. You control the account so no reservations, scheduling or operators are needed.
This plan is 'unlimited', you can use it as many times per month as you wish and never need to be concerned about minute charges.
How Unlimited Flat Rate Pricing Works:
  • As the conference call host, you pay a flat monthly fee based on the total number of conference call participants in your group.
  • Your account can then make an unlimited number of conference calls, 24/7, all month
    long. All minutes used are free of charge.
  • All Features are Free and Included
  • You have Unlimited use of the bridge
  • No per minute charges.
  • No scheduling required, it's reservationless
  • Use it 7 Days a Week, 24 hours a day
  • Prepaid monthly to a credit card, no bills
  • Hard copy 'paid' invoice sent by postal mail
    • [* 2] Starts recording conference
    • [* 3] Starts playback
    • [* 4] Applies Gain (volume) to all lines
    • [* 5] Mutes all participants except leader
    • [* 6] Individual conferee mute
    • [* 7] Secures conference - blocks entry
    • [* 8] Tells the leader how many are on call
    • [# 8] Gives leader a private roll call roster
  • Record conference calls free
  • Moderator can mute all lines
  • Conferees can mute their own line
  • Optional 'name announce'
  • Optional entry/exit tones
  • Excellent line quality, guaranteed
  • Plan Specifications
  • Use it 24/7
  • No term contract, it's month to month
  • No cancellation fee
  • Pay $0 per minute charges
  • Unlimited use of bridge per plan size
  • Non toll free access number
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