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Bow Communications offer the latest in reservationless, pin code conferencing, as well as the traditional operator assisted teleconferencing and teleservices.

Bow Communications is a full service conference calling company that is dedicated to providing quality conference calls that work at extremely competitive pricing. We feature the latest in reservationless conference calling, operator assisted calling, Web conferencing, and teleservices. With over 5000 ports and growing, we can meet any of your needs.

The state of audio conference calling has progressed significantly during the last three years to a point where the customer should be in control of their own conference calling needs. If they need a call ASAP, then with Bow Communications they can pick up the phone and hold their conference immediately without the hassles of making a reservation and eliminating the mistakes humans can make in a busy operations center. By using different pin codes, your calls can also be moderator controlled. The moderator calls into the bridge with a special pin code and then by depressing *5, all of the other conferees will be placed in "listen only". To open the conference back up to the interactive mode, the moderator simply depresses *5 again.

The 3 basic advantages of reservationless conference service:

  1. Less Expensive - Without the labor required to staff a reservation and operations center, Bow Communications can pass along these savings to the customer. Customers can realize up to 50% savings on their conference calling expenses.
  2. Ease of Use - A customer simply has to dial a toll free telephone number and enter a pin code followed by the # sign when prompted by an automated attendant. Each conferee would follow the same procedures, allowing everyone to meet at the appropriate time and be bridged together automatically. If there are ever any problems, you can call the customer service line at 201-768-0892 and they can assist you.
  3. Fewer Mistakes - By eliminating the human element in the reservation center and the operations center, Bow Communications has also eliminated the mistakes and errors that are committed by humans in these areas.
Bow Communications utilizes Multi-Link System 70 & 700 digital bridges co-located in three ILEC megacenters throughout the United States. We currently have 5,000+ ports of capacity with approximately 60% available capacity during the busy hour. We are presently buying a new bridge every 3 months. Bow Communications always has available capacity for reservationless, unattended conference calling.

Our local access is provided by each ILEC. We are on fiber from our building directly to our carrier's POP's with full redundancy.

Our systems are totally redundent. We have four network carriers with multiple entry points into our building. We have total emergency back up systems with diesel generators that can run seamlessly on any power outages.

Bow Communications has 45 employees, including customer service staff, billing and collections, and supervisory staff.

Bow Communications would like to offer you reservationless service, where Bow Communications automated attendant will answer with "Welcome to the Bow Communications Conference Center. At the tone, please enter your pin code followed by the # sign". All of your employees will place their calls on one telephone number. We can set up departmental billing or special billing via pin codes.

Bow Communications will handle all of the telephone number
and pin code assignments and handle the billing and
customer service as well.

John at 201-768-0892
Jim at 201-784-3480

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