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How To Improve Your Presentation

CONFERENCE CALL ETIQUETTE: A conference conducted in person is much different than a presentation made by a conference call. When you're in front of an audience, you can implement body language techniques, make eye contact, smile, and you can react to the emotions of your audience to help you achieve a successful conference call presentation.

Conference calls can be a bit more difficult because you cannot see your audience...nor can they see you.

Here are a few tips on conference call etiquette to help you achieve a successful conference call:

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Conference Call Etiquette - Tip #1

Use A Powerful Greeting
Begin your conference call with a powerful greeting. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first use it wisely. The impression you make in the first few seconds of a conference call can determine whether or not your audience will be attentive and receptive.
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Conference Call Etiquette - Tip #2

Stick To The Agenda
Follow an outline for your conference call agenda. This keeps the meeting focused and provides cohesion so your conference call will be more productive. The easiest way to stick to the agenda when hosting a conference call is to outline the agenda on index cards. Write down each point you need to cover on a separate index card and stack them in order. Flip through each card as the topic of discussion is covered. You can even take notes that are appropriate to each topic on the the back of the index card.
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Conference Call Etiquette - Tip #3

Don't Let Anyone Throw You Off Track
If someone asks a question or brings up a subject that does not pertain to the topic at hand, suggest to discuss the issue at the end of the conference call - and make a note on a new index card and put it on the bottom of the pile.
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Conference Call Etiquette - Tip #4

Stick To The Minutes
If a conference call is scheduled to last 30 minutes ...then make sure it lasts no more than 30 minutes. Always be considerate of others' schedules. Format your conference call and allot a specific amount of time for each topic on the agenda. Have someone help you by timing the minutes allocated for each topic. They can signal you when the time has come to move on to the next order of business.

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Conference Call Etiquette - Tip #5

Group Participation
During a conference call, occasionally ask participants for their opinion or concerns about the topic you're covering. Always address someone by name - they'll pay much closer attention if they think they might be called upon for their input.
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Conference Call Etiquette - Tip #6

Ending The Call
When your conference call is over, recap the main points of the meeting. Go over the outcome of the meeting and stress the goals and the actions you expect from them. Thank everyone for their participation and state that the meeting is formally over.
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Conference Call Etiquette - Tip #7

Basic Rules - Educate The Participants

Each participant of a conference call should be aware of some basic rules.

  • Be Punctual!   Again, always be considerate of others' schedules. Make sure you are ready for the conference call a few minutes ahead of time.

  • Use Your Mute Button! When any participant is not speaking during the conference call, they should engage the "Mute" button on their phone and only release it when they need to speak. Any type of background noise can be disruptive and can inhibit the clarity of the transmission.

  • HOLD on using "hold" If your hold feature plays music - NEVER put the conference call call on "hold" to answer another call! Otherwise every participant in the conference call will be enjoy the beautiful music you've selected (NOT!).

  • WHO is speaking? Every time a participant needs to speak they should always begin by introducing themselves. Other participants may not recognize your voice to determine who is speaking - so always make it clear throughout the duration of the conference call each time you need to speak.

  • Boy scouts Motto: Always Be Prepared. Unless your conference call is an emergency meeting, there is no excuse for a lack of preparation from each and every participant. If you are well aware that a conference call is scheduled - then be prepared with an outline of the important issues you'd like to discuss.

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