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Unlimited Flat Rate
Conference Call Service
24 / 7 Dedicated Line
$1.50 per port
with 25 port minimum

With host as well as individual muting capabilities! All individuals pay their own long distance charges. Fees prepaid monthly by credit card on the 15th of the month.

No per minute charges. Not ever.
There are never any surprises with our flat rate unlimited conference call plan. You pay one low flat rate price, and make unlimited monthly conference calls. There are never any per minute charges with our flat rate conference call plan.

With our flat rate conference call plan, you get unmetered conference call service, which means you never pay more than your flat rate monthly fee, no matter how many conference calls you make. You are never locked into a long contract, you can cancel your flat rate conference call plan at any time.

How many ports do I need for my flat rate conference call plan?
That's easy. Once you determine the number of attendees who will typically participate, pay only $1.50 per port on your monthly plan. You will need one port per participant. It's that simple.

Unlimited flat rate conference call service is easy to use:
When you sign up for our unlimited flat rate conference call plan, you're assigned a conference bridge phone number. Each participant dials your assigned bridge number. When prompted, they simply enter your PIN number and all participants are connected to the conference call.

All our flat rate conference call plans are unlimited, which means you can use it any time you want, and as many times per month that you need, and you'll never have to worry about paying a single penny more than your fixed monthly plan. You'll never have to make a reservation to make a flat rate conference call - you don't need to schedule the call because operators are not necessary!

You can make flat rate conference calls whenever you wish, 24/7, so no reservations, scheduling or operators are ever needed.

The benefits you'll receive with our flat rate conference call plan include:

Unlimited conference calls every month.
Make flat rate conference calls 24/7.
Never any per minute charges.
No scheduling or operator is required.
PIN number never changes without a specific request from you.
No bills, your credit card is automatically charged each month.
No obligations, cancel at any time.
You can record your conference call at no additional charge.
Complete muting capabilities.
Detailed instructions and tips on how to use flat rate conference call service.
Outstanding customer support.
Crystal clear connections, guaranteed!

John at 201-768-0892
- or -
Jim at 201-784-3480

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